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More Fellowship Opportunities

Looking for more fellowship opportunities? Check out the World Services Event Page or explore other Districts. Please note, these links will take you to other Marijuana Anonymous websites.

Local Announcements

Conference Agenda Items to Review

The DSC and Delegates would like to know how your group votes on the following items:
 Agenda Item 1: Whether this District wants to volunteer to host the World Services Fellowship Convention in 2024 or 2025. Please also indicate how many are willing to volunteer to help with the conference, as many people will be needed.
D   Approval of the revised pamphlet content: “About Marijuana Detox”
F   Approval of daily reader book content: Living Every Day With Hope
G   Conferences to be held virtually by default
H   Suspension procedure for trusted servants
J   Including Candidate Service Background in Third Legacy Procedure.
For more information on these items the Conference website:

Upcoming Camping Trips!

  • June 23rd to 25th – Samuel P Taylor State Park
  • August 3rd to 6th – Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

Contact John / Kathy / your GSR

Service Opportunities

District 2 H&I Committee – Looking for volunteers

District 2’s H&I committee is looking for volunteers to speak at or co-secretary a new meeting at an inpatient recovery facility in Oakland. We hold our meeting there every other Saturday from 3:00-4:00 pm. Volunteers to speak must have 90 days clean and sober (from all mind-altering drugs including alcohol) and co-secretaries must have one year clean and sober. Please contact Sally W. for more information or to volunteer.

Upcoming Local District Committee (DSC) Meeting:

Second Sunday of Each Month from 6:00 – 8:00 pm
(Unless Otherwise Noted)

Contact Nina S. for the link to attend the DSC meeting. For Nina’s contact information please connect with your GSR.

To be placed on the DSC mailing list to receive emails with agendas and zoom links please contact MA District 2.

World Announcements

Save the Date! – 3rd Annual 420 Soberthon (April 20-21st, 2023)

3rd Annual 420 Soberthon - April 20th 2023

2023 Convention

The 2023 MA world Services convention will be hosted by Seattle, WA from September 1st to the 3rd.
Visit for more information.

ANLP Contributions

A New Leaf Newsletter needs stories, poems, etc. that are centered around recovery. Of particular need are 800-1500 word feature pieces. Typically, the submission deadline is the 10th of the month, but they are in dire need now, so please send something in as soon as possible. The key ask is that it focuses on what happened and what it is like now rather than what it was like. Please send submissions to

Vote to Change the Language ‘God’ to ‘Higher Power

At the 2021 MA World Service Conference, District 12 presented an Agenda Item to have a fellowship wide vote on whether or not to change the language in the short version of the 12 Steps to replace the word “God” with the words “Higher Power.” Starting November 9th, ballots for this vote will be emailed to individual meetings.

Share Your Sobriety Birthday

Allow A New Leaf newsletter to publish your sobriety anniversary to celebrate! Visit the A New Leaf Birthday Submission Page or contact ANLP liaison Tim V. for details.

MA Phone Meetings

Daily Marijuana Anonymous phone meetings are available. For more info check out